Summary of Association Rules

Important Notice: All fish to be reported within 24 hours of being caught to:

Gary Grant

Tel: 07934712370  or email:

Below is a summary of the rules and regulations of the Abernethy & Aviemore Angling Association, issued in full with each permit. Please take the time to read them carefully.

The Fishing Season

The River Spey opens on 11th February to 30th September inclusive.

Fishing Methods

No float fishing at any time.

No prawn, shrimp, roe or natural minnow fishing at any time.

The use of lead core line is prohibited.

No worm fishing before 1st May or after 31st August

Any other type of legal lure which conforms and falls in line with the Salmon and Fresh Water Fisheries (Protection) (Scotland) Act 1951 will be allowed when the river is above normal summer level but the Association may reserve certain stretches for fly only when the river is below normal summer level, in which event fly only notices will be placed on the bridges at Boat of Garten and Broomhill.

When spinning, only one set of barbless or pinched hooks may be used on a lure.

Although both bait and spinning methods are permitted, the Association encourages fly fishing as catch and release can usually be carried out without removing the fish from the water.

Bait fishers must give way to fly fishers at all times.

No angler shall cut in front of another while fishing a pool, but each angler shall take his turn of fishing in order of his arrival at the pool and must move at least one yard after each cast.

Catch Limits

No finnock to be taken at any time.

No angler is permitted to take more than one migratory fish (i.e. salmon or sea trout) in any one twenty four hour period.

All sea trout weighing three pounds or more must be returned.

All hen salmon and hen grilse must be returned to the water.

All Spring fish must be returned until 1st May.

All stale or gravid fish must be returned.

The 1st, 3rd, 5th etc. salmon must be returned as per Spey Fishery Board rules. The second, fourth etc. cock salmon only may be kept.

All salmon and grilse must be reported, with estimated weight, within 48 hours of capture whether kept or returned. See notice at top of this page.

Wheelchair Access

The specially designated platforms on the left bank of the Nethy Pool and the disabled spaces in the adjacent car park are reserved for wheelchair users only.

Car Parking

Parking of cars will be reasonably exercised so as not to block estate or private roads or other property. Care must be taken of fences, woods and other property adjoining the river.


No permit holder shall be accompanied by a dog.

Digging of bait is prohibited.

Lighting of fires is prohibited.

No Camping is permitted on Association beats.

No Campervans are permitted to park overnight in Association parking areas.

No Boats are permitted on Association beats.


Please take your litter/rubbish home, e.g. bait containers etc.