Spey Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing at Aviemore

The Aviemore water, managed by the Abernethy and Aviemore Angling Association, offers the salmon and sea trout angler more than three miles of left bank fishing on the River Spey around Aviemore, with sixteen named pools stretching from the Old Spey Bridge to the Alder Bend opposite Pityoulish. There is good access to all fishing pools, most close to suitable parking spots. The river Spey here is generally slower flowing than the Abernethy beat and the pools often bordered by heavier bankside tree cover, in some cases more suited to spinning than fly fishing. However, the beat also includes some superb night time sea trout fly fishing water, much of it bordering the Dalfaber Golf Course.

Association members have full access to this beat. In addition, day and weekly fishing permits are readily available to visiting anglers at reasonable rates from Cairngorm Mountain Sports in Aviemore.


The map shows the location of the sixteen salmon and sea trout fishing pools on the Aviemore beat, with photographs of every pool below

1. Old Spey Bridge  2.Druie Pool  3. Stoney Beach Run  4. Stoney Beach Pool  5.Temperance Pool  6. Crankies Corner  7. Butcher’s Burn  8. Pike Pool  9. Muriel’s Pool  10. Dalfaber Flats  11. Island Run  12. Bob Campbell’s Pool  13. Sandy Banks  14. Alder Run  15. Grassy Bank  16. Alder Bend

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